Sinus Relief With Consistent Use of a Neti Pot or Similar Nasal Irrigation Method

Last month I made a trip to see my doctor. This was a regular visit to try and obtain some sort of relief from my constant sinus and ear issues. Yes, I know this is a blog about the lighter side of life, but even I have issues. My issues happen to be related to a throbbing face, a constant post nasal drip and ears that always seem to have fluid in them.

I have had an on going prescription of Allegra D for three or four years now. I don’t think it ever really worked for me, plus I never really liked the idea of having to take a medication every day, so I never really kept up with it. After checking things out and speaking with me for a minute or two, my Doctor pulled up his laptop and said, “hey, I want to show you something”. I guess it’s a sign on the times when your doctor fires up YouTube while in the middle of and appointment. Below is the video he showed me.

If this is the first time you have seen this you are probably thinking the same thing I did. “Man that does not look like fun at all” I instantly flashed back to my younger days when I was learning to water ski and had experienced several forceful nasal flushes. My Doctor proceeds to tell me that he has been doing this sinus and nasal flush for several months and it worked for him. At this point I was ready to try anything different, as I was not looking forward to the Allegra D and I liked the idea of this being a natural (well sort of) solution.

I went home and started looking for my Neti Pot. Sure my doctor told me I could get one at, but being the frugal shopper that I am, I figured I would check around. I ended up finding Neti Pots all over the place, but I ordered one from Amazon for $12.00.

I have been using the Neti Pot once a day for just over a month and can honestly say it has made a difference for me. The sensation is a little strange at first, but it sort of grows on over time. While I can’t say that I am cured from all sinus issues, I can say so far this has been a better solution for me than taking medication every day. If you suffer from nasal congestion and sinus issues, it’s worth the $12.00 to try the Neti Pot. You can purchase salt to use with it; however I simply use kosher salt. Be sure to follow the directions closely so the water does not go down your throat. Adding the appropriate amount of salt will also help reduce any discomfort.