Miller Nordyne CMF Series Tech Service Manual – PO (Power Oil) and PG (Power Gas) Furnace Service Manual PDF Download

Nordyne CMF Series Oil/Gas Furnace is a classic and time-honored design. The CMF2 is a versatile and reliable product used in manufactured housing and other applications such as space heating, garages, hunting camps or single-story residential structures. The new model CMF2 furnace incorporates a multi-speed blower and multi-fired burner. Titanium killed steel technology is used in the heat exchanger for strength and durability. Classic design countered with new technology make the new CMF2 today’s choice for a multi-application fossil fuel heating appliance. Three-speed custom fit and painted blower for efficient, quiet operation. Multi-firing technology in gas and oil burner. Titanium killed aluminized steel process technology used in the heat exchanger for strength and durability. The resized auxiliary limit switch eliminates nuisance cycling. Beckett oil burners are standard equipment. Classic 18-inch width dimension for tight replacement jobs.

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These instructions are intended for use by qualified individuals specially trained and experienced in the installation of this type of equipment and related system components. Installation and service personnel are required by some governing bodies to be licensed. Persons not qualified should not attempt to install or service the equipment, nor interpret these instructions. These furnaces must be installed in accordance with local codes and ordinances. These furnaces are high quality, direct vent furnaces that are convertible from power oil to power gas. The PO models are Power Oil. The PG models are Power Gas models. Gas models are designed for operation with natural or LP. gas. The furnaces are Listed by Underwriters Inc. for use in manufactured (mobile) homes and recreational vehicles and as a central furnace, special type when installed with model CB200A outlet Airbase. The CMF furnace service manual pdf file also contains troubleshooting flowcharts, wiring diagrams, furnace component repair procedures and more.


Today, you’ll find our Miller \ Nordyn gas furnaces in more manufactured homes than ever before. That’s because more families are discovering only Miller furnaces offer such incredible efficiency and comfort, plus lots of other value-added features. Miller furnaces have become the standard for most mobile homes, trailer homes, manufactured homes, pre-built homes and more. A mobile home gas furnace, like any mechanical heat source, requires regular maintenance in order to maintain efficiency. The PDF Miller Nordyne CMF Tech Service Manual PDF file outlines troubleshooting steps and regular maintenance procedures that can be done on a trailer furnace to repair it or to restore its efficiency.  The troubleshooting steps outlined in the CMF furnace service manual on how to repair a mobile home gas furnace should be followed closely.



Miller Nordyne CMF Series Tech Service Manual PO and PG Furnace Service Manual

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Miller CMF Gas Furnace Specifications

  • Dual shut-off valves ensure 100% gas shut-off for safety.
  • Continuous fan switch circulates room air continuously during summer or winter operation to improve comfort.
  • Built-In coil cabinet allows fast and easy add-on of split system air conditioner and heat pump.
  • High-efficiency operation meets all federal energy efficiency standards.
  • The choice of air conditioning-ready furnaces allows easy hook up of a matching cooling system to further improve your year-round comfort and efficiency.
  • Meets HUD requirements

Our furnace models include:

  • 96% AFUE MG2S Gas Furnace
  • The most efficient gas furnace specifically engineered for use in manufactured homes.
  • 95% AFUE CMF95 Gas Furnace
  • 92.1% AFUE M4 Gas Furnace
  • 80% AFUE M1 Gas Furnace
  • 80% AFUE CMF3 Gas Furnace