Polaris Sportsman Front Hub Hilliard Clutch Service and Repair Manual PDF File Download

I’ve owned a 2003 Polaris sportsman 4-wheeler for many years and I’ve always had good luck with it. Like any ATV, regular maintenance is required in order to keep it running properly. Many people in ATV forums express their dissatisfaction with the Polaris Sportsman 4-wheel drive system. Polaris has a unique system in place to provide 4-wheel drive when needed. This allows better control of the ATV when the 4wd system is engaged over ATVs that have locking hubs. The front-drive system permits the vehicle to be driven by the rear wheels as long as the front wheels rotate faster than the front-drive axles. If the rotational speed of the front wheels slows to less than the speed of the rear-drive axles, the front wheel hub s engage. Each front hub has an electrical engagement control and is referred to as a Hilliard clutch. I will admit that the electrical wires that Polaris uses to power the Hilliard clutch hubs are extremely thin and somewhat susceptible to failure over time.  The instructions below outline steps that can be used to troubleshoot and maintain the Polaris Sportsman front wheel hubs that are used in the 4-wheel drive system. The Polaris Sportsman front wheel hub service and repair manual should be followed carefully and the process should be carried out by a trained technician.

Click the link below to download the Polaris Sportsman Front Hub Service and Repair Manual PDF file

Please note that improper installation and adjustment of the Hillar clutch can result in a dangerous lack of vehicle control. The drive clutches must be correctly installed for the front-drive to function properly. Tire size is very important for the proper operation of all models. If the tire size is changed. the engagement of the front-drive may be erratic and could result in dangerous control problems. It is also important that one doesn’t mix parts of one Hilliard clutch assembly with similar parts from another clutch assembly.  The roller cage and rollers can usually be cleaned and inspected without removing the retaining spring and rollers. If the rollers are removed, do not stretch the retaining spring farther than necessary 10 remove one roller at a lime. If the retaining spring is removed from the cage, it has been stretched too far and must be replaced.


Polaris Sportsman Front Hub Hillard Clutch Service and Repair Manual

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All in all, the Polaris front hub design has worked well on my 2003 Polaris Sportsman 500 H.O.  With regular maintenance and a full understanding of how the Hilliard clutch front hub assembly works, you should be able to keep your Polaris Sportsman ATV 4-wheel drive working properly for many years without issue.


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