Charlie Sheen’s Korner Ep 4 Video: Building the Perfect Torpedo “Nut Job”

Oh wow, Charlie is all cleaned up here in this video. Just as Bob recommended he’s trying to show the “other side of Charlie”. The problem is while this guy may have showered before making this video, he still sounds like a man who maybe took too much acid in the 60s. His senseless rants are allowing the world to see that while Charlie Sheen may be impressed with his own vocabulary and self proclaimed advanced perspective on the way of the world, is he in fact a condescending ass who is out of touch with reality. I guess this is what making almost 2 million dollars per episode can do to someone…. well that and a recluse drug and alcohol induced lifestyle.

Episode 4 of Sheen’s Korner, soooo deep, quite thought provoking Charlie? I mean your words really make me wonder….. if you’re a crack head or if you’re plagued with some sort of psychological disorder. When I take all three videos into account, my diagnosis is that you’re probably suffering from some drug induced physiological disorder.

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