A Trip to See Grandma’s House Turns Ugly in April of 2008

The following video footage was captured on a stormy day in late April of 2008. Watch as a trip to Grandma’s turns ugly.


Actually this video was our 2008 YouTube Sketchies II contest entry. While we didn’t win the $20,000 prize, we did have fun creating the video. The kids were totally into it, and each played a part in whole process. From the script to the scene edits, we worked together and had a great time. We will be sure to take another stab at the Sketchies III contest. The real prize will be the time we spend together building memories that we can look back on. Of course $20,000 would be great too.

A Winter’s Day Walk in Maine

There is nothing like walking your dog on a crisp winter day in Maine. The video below, while a bit long, was an attempt to capture this experience. Keith, our yellow lab, is always up for a good walk. However our wolf hybrid, Canaan, opted to stay behind on this day. The day was cold and windy. The snow was crusted and deep. After Keith looses his stick he proceeds to the wood line in an attempt to retrieve a new one. Unfortunately they are all still attached to trees. I have been told the best part is toward the end, so feel free to skip ahead. Canaan, is featured at the end with a closing verse that my youngest really enjoys.

You might be able to catch Keith and Canaan on our Maine webcam. Be sure to check it out often, as you never know what you might see.