How to Replace a Snowmobile Fuel Tank Pickup Line and Filter Snowmobile Not Getting Fuel From Tank

1/4″ ID Tygon Fuel Line –
1/4″ Polaris Pickup Fuel Filter 7052037 –
Polaris In-Line Fuel Filter 2530008 –
Polaris In-Line Oil filter 2530009 –
Polaris Compression Ring 7080768 , 7080402 –

This video walks you through the process of replacing a fuel tank fuel pickup line and filter screen on a Polaris snowmobile. If your snowmobile is not getting any fuel from the tank, you should check to see if the fuel line in the tank is in good working order. In this case, the fuel line had dissolved in the gas. I replace the line with Tygon F404 fuel line. Ho to replace a Polaris snowmobile Intank Pickup Fuel Filter. How to replace a Polaris XLT snowmobile in-line fuel filter. How to replace a Polaris XLT snowmobile in-line 2 cycle oil filter.

How to Test a 12V Battery With the TOPDON AB101 Battery Analyzer Topdon Artibattery Tester Review

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How to Replace a Broken Choke Lever on a Polaris Snowmobile or ATV – DIY Choke Lever Replacement

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This video covers the process of replacing a broken choke lever assembly on a Polaris snowmobile or ATV. The choke lever replacement process covered in this video will be the same or similar on many other snowmobiles and ATVs including Arctic Cat, Ski-Doo, Yamaha, Can-Am, Kawasaki, Honda and many more.