How to Adjust a Water Well System Pressure Switch and Bladder Tank Pressure – Well Pump Diagnostics

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In this video, I walk through the process of adjusting the air pressure in a well system bladder storage tank. I also show how to adjust the cut-in and cut-out pressure on a Square D well pump pressure switch. The process covered in this video tutorial will be the same or similar on most well system pressure switches and bladder style water storage tanks. The process of adjusting the pressure switch and tank pressure is going to be the same or similar on shallow well jet pump installations. In this video, I was adjusting the pressure switch that controls a deep well submersible pump. I also demonstrate how to clean the contact points on a water well pressure switch. Low or inconsistent water pressure could be a symptom of needing to adjust your pressure switch or bladder tank pressure. A short cycling water pump could also mean that you need to adjust the air pressure in your bladder tank an\or adjust the spring tensions on your pressure switch.

How to Replace a 240 Volt Submersible Well Pump ~ Submersible Well Pump Removal & Installation

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This video covers the process of replacing a deep well submersible well pump. I pulled a 1\2 hp Grundfos submersible well pump that had been in place for approximately 14 years. I installed a 3\4 hp Everbilt 2 wire submersible well pump. My son and I removed our existing submersible well pump, replaced the wire, and then installed the new submersible well pump. The process covered in this submersible well pump installation video will be the same or similar on most other deep well submersible pumps including Everbilt, Franklin, Grundfos, Utilitech, Red Lion and more. Along with covering how to replace a submersible well pump, the video also covers the process of how to install a well pump torque arrestor, how to re-reseat a pitless adapter, how to use a waterproof well pump wire splice kit and more.

Autel MaxiLink ML629 Review – OBDII Scanning – ABS Diagnostics – SRS Codes – Transmission Codes

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This video demonstrates some of the key functionality that the Autel ML 629 OBDII code scanner provides. This scanner provides the ability to scan ABS codes and identifies which wheel speed sensor is causing the issue. This Autel MaxiLink OBDII code scanner also provides information on SRS airbag systems as well as engine and transmission codes. Not only does the Autel MaxiLink ML 629 scan these crucial systems but the tool allows you to clear the codes which will shut off the associated light(s). Check Engine Light, SRS light, ABS light.