How to Replace Brake Caliper Guide Pin Boots On a Chevy Equinox, GMC Acadia, Terrain & Most Vehicles

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This video walks through the process of replacing brake caliper slide pin boots on a Chevy Equinox. the process covered in this video will be the same or similar on most vehicles.

Haynes manual torque specs for Chevy Equinox, Pontiac Torrent.
2006 and Earlier Caliper Bolts – 32 ft-lb
2007 and Later Caliper Bolts – 20 ft-lb
2009 and Earlier Front Caliper Bracket Bolts – 136 ft-lb
2010 and Later Front Caliper Bracket Bolts – 140 ft-lb
2009 and Earlier Front Caliper Bracket Bolts – 89 ft-lb
2010 and Later Front Caliper Bracket Bolts – 92 ft-lb

Add W1 V3.3 Dual Clean Port Carbon Fiber Oil Catch Can Installation On GMC Sierra & Chevy Silverado

This DIY video tutorial walks through the process of installing an Add W1 V3.3 oil catch can on a 2014 GMC Sierra. The process covered in this video will be the same or similar on many other vehicles such a Chevy Silverado. The oil catch can featured in this video is an Add W1 V3.3 dual clean port unit. The information below was pulled from the Add W1 Website.


The V3.3 oil catch can work if the vehicle is in idle or in acceleration and is more efficient than a single oil catch can. The V3.3 catch cans are used as an additional suction source of help to the blow-by problem by Adding additional vacuum location just in front or upstream of the throttle body or TB inlet and we utilize one-way inline check valves that select the best possible suction source when the full throttle is open.

The engine works by turning the intake manifold as the source of vacuum, which sucks all the blow-by back to the intake system. However, when the throttle is pressed (WOT), the intake manifold stops building the vacuum pressure and during this time, damaging compounds like blow-by water, carbon, ash, and sulfuric acid can go through and mix with the oil, damaging the engine in the process. The intake manifold is before the throttle and the catch can only work when in idle.

The ADD W1 V3.3 Oil Catch Can comes in various colors and exterior styles to match your needs. Moreover, you can opt for additional Customizable rings and improve the persona of your car.

The blow-by gas produced by the combustion chamber leaves traces of oil and moisture and these contaminants cause carbon and sludge to build up in the intake system as well as the engine. This should be avoided at all costs and the oil catch can is an excellent component that helps to trap such filth and grime.

Features & Specifications:

ADD W1 V3.3 special engineered Oil Catch Can
Exclusively engineered internal baffle “Triple Twister” chamber filter system
Closed-loop system internal baffled Twister chamber filter Catch
Customizable color insert rings with 8 different choices
Multiple Brackets Positions
fully serviceable and cleanable.
Improve your engine’s life
Baffled interior for the best collection of oil
Easy-drain NPT plug
Remote Quick Drain Valve (optional)
1-way check valve x 2
1 Breather
Constructed with high-grade Lightweight 6061 Aircraft Aluminum
Limited Lifetime warranty

The ADDW1 Oil Catch Can is crafted by our team of engineers who understand the dangers of the oil particles from the PCV/CCV that transfers back to the air intake system. It features dual ports and is easy to install on the PCV/CCV systems. The revamped design boasts an industry-grade twister baffled filter that helps to trap contaminants and filter moisture as well as oil residue. All the oil residue gets transferred to the bottom of the can ensuring keeping the intake system remarkably clean.

Unlike other air-oil-separator systems in the market, our oil catch can is not heated which allows all the blow-by air to condense in the can itself. Moreover, a regular air-oil-separator system drops the blow-by back to the oil pan, whereas our oil catch can keep the blow-by and all the contaminants out of the engine invariably.

Although every oil catch can do the job of trapping contaminants, only a well-designed one ensures that the intake system remains clean for a long time and improve the overall performance of the tuned vehicle.

How to Replace an Electrical Plug With a Broken Ground Pin How to Repair a Broken Electrical Plug

Leviton 515PV 15 Amp, 125 Volt, Grounding Plug –

This video walks through the process of installing a replacement 3 prong plug. I also try to emphasize the importance of ensuring that a grounding pin is intact in and functioning properly on a standard 15 amp 3 prong plug. This video tutorial on repairing a broken electrical plug covers the following. How to repair an electrical plug when the ground pin breaks off. This video describes why a 3-prong plug is important and why a device should not be used if the ground pin is broken. An extension cord, appliance, or power tool with a broken plug should not be used until it has been repaired. How to fix a broken plug on an extension cord is also covered in this video. How to repair a broken extension cord. How to connect wires to a new plug when the ground pin pulls off and is left in the duplex electrical outlet.