How to Add More Than 4 CPUs on a Hyper-V Running on 2008 Standard

This is something I’ve run across in several forums while seeking out information about Hypervisor Virtualization. I thought I would run through how to increase the number of CPUs on a Hyper-V and break the 4 CPU (core) limit. The machine I’m using to demo this has 16 cores, so I’ve got the cores to spare with only a single Hyper-V running.

Chromium OS on an ASUS 1025c Compared to Ubuntu Running On the Same NetBook

I wanted to try making a Chrome book our of an ASUS 1025c however I was only able to get a 1.9 Lime version running on it. I’ve played around with Ubuntu on these netbooks as well and I’m fairly impressed at how well it runs. Given how limited the Chromium OS is and how it really does not officially support the ASUS netbook hardware I would suggest giving Ubuntu a try if you’re looking for an alternative to Windows 7 Starter Edition.