Dell Chromebook 11 Initial Review – Google Chrome OS – Chromebook Review

This video is meant to provide a quick look at the Dell 11″ Chromebook. I also provide some initial thoughts on this machines compared to the HP Chromebook as well as the Acer Chromebook (Samsung Chromebook). The comments in this video are from the perspective of deploying these machines to students rather than from the perspective of an individual user.

Tutorial on How to Use Vlookup to Auto Populate Spreadsheet Data in Google Sheets and Excel

This video is a tutorial on how to use the vlookup function in Google Sheets (Google Apps) and Excel. This video specifically covers using the vlookup function to auto-populate spreadsheet data from one sheet to another. In this example I’m using Google Sheets, but the process will be the same or similar in Microsoft Excel and Open Office as well.

DIY How to Upgrade a Solid State Drive On a Dell Latitude E7440 Laptop Computer Replace MSATA Card

This video covers the process of upgrading the OEM solid state drive (SSD) to a larger solid state drive from Crucial Memory. Dell actually shipped this Latitude E7440 Ultrabook with an MSATA card loaded into a hard drive cage. The instructions I provide in this DIY hard drive upgrade video will be the very similar if you are replacing a hard disk drive (HDD) with a solid state drive. This video also covers how to remove the back plate cover on a Dell Latitude E7440 laptop computer. It is necessary to remove the back plate when upgrading the memory as well as the hard drive. or solid state drive. Windows 10 Dell Ultrabook