How to Install Chromium OS to a Hard Drive

This video simply walks you through installing Chromium OS to a hard drive. Chrome OS is designed to run off of a solid state drive so installing this operating system on a HDD may not work. The machine I used in this video is an Asus 1025c eee PC NetBook.

How to Use Your Android Tablet to Initiate and Recieve Voice Phone Calls Over Wi-Fi

I use Groove IP and Google Voice to initiate and receive voice phone calls without any cellular usage. This video demonstrates how to use Groove IP in conjunction with Google Voice to make free voice phone calls over wireless internet. The Groove IP Android App was only $4.99 and has been worth every penny. Aside from that initial cost, all phone calls in the United States are currently free. This is the second year that I’ve used a Google Voice number. Google Voice offers call screening, voice mail, calls automatically forward through to my cell phone and voice mail messages automatically forward through as text messages as well as email messages. Groove IP allowed me to take advantage of all of these features on my Android Sony Tablet S

Samsung ARM Series 3 Chromebook vs. Lenovo X131e Chromebook ~ Side By Side Comparison

In this video I make a side by side comparison of the Samsung ARM Series 3 Chromebook to the Lenovo X131e Chromebook. I compare the overall dimensions as well as the feel of the constructions. I then run two different browser based benchmark tests on the Chromebooks to see which machine would perform better. This Chromebook review is a comparison based on personal observation and free tools that are publicly available on the web. Running the benchmark tests on these Chromebooks side by side also allowed me to observe subtle differences in how the machines performed under stress. Run the benchmark tests on your computer to see how it compares to these Chromebooks and post your score along with your machines specs. in the comment section below. Thanks for watching!