Example of How a Guitar Finish Can Darken Over time – 2002 Epiphone Les Paul

I was changing out my strings today and noticed how the finish under the bridge was lighter than the rest of the guitar. I thought I would try to show how the the finish on my 2002 Epiphone Les Paul has darkened. I hand this guitar on the wall most of the time so I assume this has contributed to the shade difference on the expose top.

Snark SN-8 Tuner Review – Accuracy Compared to Line 6 POD X3

Before I purchased my Snark SN-8, I was trying to find a video that would compare it to other tuners. My buddy has the Snark SN-1, so I wanted to see how the SN-8 compared. I hope others looking for information on the Snark line of tuners will find this video helpful. I compared my $12 SN-8 Super Tight Tuner to my $300 Line 6 POD X3. I would say the Snark is well worth the $12 I paid for it on eBay.

Record Guitar Tracks to a Computer Using Your Rocksmith USB Cable and Audacity

Last night I uploaded a video on how to record dual tones as separate tracks using a POD X3 and Sonar Producer Edition. As I thought about it I realized that many people may not have access to this setup. For this reason I thought I would post a video on how to record your guitar using a Rocksmith cable and Audacity, which is a free program. I have not figured out how to record stereo with my Ibanez CS9 Chorus and this setup yet. I can do it with my Line 6 and Sonar, but I’m working how to do it with two Rocksmith cables and Audacity. Google search for Audacity and the Lame MP3 encoder, you’ll find the software you need for free. Audacity is completely free recording software and is available on PCs and Macs. Please note that I did not use the Rocksmith game in any way to create this video. This video is about using the cable that comes with the game to record your guitar.