How to Install a NewAir G73 240 Volt Garage Space Heater

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This videos tutorial covers the process of installing a NewAir G73 240 volt electric space heater. I show how to mount the heater as well as how to wire the heater to the breaker box. the process covered in this how to video will be the same or similar for other 240 volt heaters and appliances that do not require a neutral.

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DIY How to Install Green Energy Efficient Garage Door Hinges Green Hinge System Weather Seal System

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This video walks through the process of installing Green Hinge System’s energy efficient garage door hinges. The unique design creates a better seal between garage door panels and garage door weather seals. This Green Hinge System helps to insulate your garage door by creating a better weather seal on your garage door. These spring-loaded hinges also reduce the amount of rattle and overall noise that is generated when opening and closing a garage door.

Generator Pull Cord Replacement How to Replace Small Engine Pull Starter \ Recoil Rope

This video provides a quick easy to follow tutorial on how to replace a broken starter pull cord. The generator I repaired is a Generac 3500 watt unit, however, the process I covered will be the same or similar on many other pieces of equipment. This engine on this generator is a Briggs and Stratton but replacing the starter rope replacement process will be the same on Honda, Kohler, Tecumseh, Yamaha, Suzuki, and many other small engines that have a manual pull starter.