DIY How To Replace a Clothes Dryer Belt Maytag Dryer Belt & Seal Replacement

This DIY video covers the process of disassembling a Maytag clothes dryer for the purpose of repair. Some of the possible repair jobs include belt replacement, felt seal replacement, thermostat replacement, motor replacement and many more. The repair process shown in this video should be similar or the same on many other makes and models of clothes dryer appliances.

DIY Troubleshoot Miller Propane Furnace Negative Pressure Switch How to Test Combustion Draft Sensor

This video covers a couple of basic diagnostic procedures that can be used to help determine the status of a negative pressure switch on a Miller propane mobile home furnace. This procedure can be used on other furnaces that utilize a negative pressure switch as an indicator of combustion draft. The LED was flashing two times, which signified an open pressure switch \ Combustion draft sensor.

DIY How to Replace Oil Fired Furnace \ Boiler Filter Oil Fired Burner Filter Replacement

This video provides a walk through for how to replace an oil filter for a furnace or boiler system. The process covered in this video may vary slightly depending on the setup and equipment. For the most part these instructions will be the same or similar for most oil fired heating systems that have a filter housing similar to the one shown in the video. Replacing your oil filter biannually helps maintain the proper fuel pressure which in turn help maintain the efficiency of your heating system. DIY Heating Oil Filter Replacement Video Instructions