How to Replace an Electrical Plug With a Broken Ground Pin How to Repair a Broken Electrical Plug

Leviton 515PV 15 Amp, 125 Volt, Grounding Plug –

This video walks through the process of installing a replacement 3 prong plug. I also try to emphasize the importance of ensuring that a grounding pin is intact in and functioning properly on a standard 15 amp 3 prong plug. This video tutorial on repairing a broken electrical plug covers the following. How to repair an electrical plug when the ground pin breaks off. This video describes why a 3-prong plug is important and why a device should not be used if the ground pin is broken. An extension cord, appliance, or power tool with a broken plug should not be used until it has been repaired. How to fix a broken plug on an extension cord is also covered in this video. How to repair a broken extension cord. How to connect wires to a new plug when the ground pin pulls off and is left in the duplex electrical outlet.

How to Replace Riding Mower Blades Without Removing the Mowing Deck – Craftsman T1800 Riding Mower

Craftsman T1800 42″ Deck Replacement blades –
Replacement Riding Mower Blades –

This video tutorial covers the process of replacing the cutting blades on a riding lawn mower without removing the mowing deck. The riding lawn mower in this video is a Craftsman T1800 with a 20HP Kohler twin cylinder engine. the process covered in this video will be the same or similar on most riding lawn mowers and garden tractors including John Deere, Troy Bilt, Murry, Cub Cadet, Husqvarna, Craftsman, Yard-Man, Poulan, MTD, and many others.