How to Replace Rear Brake Pads and Rotors On a GMC Sierra \ Chevy Silverado Power Stop Installation

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This video provides a general overview of how to replace brake pads and rotors on a 2014 GMC Sierra. The process covered in this video will be the same or similar on many vehicles including Chevy Silverado, Ford F150, Ford Ranger, Chevy Equinox, GMC Acadia and many more. Although I did not change the brake pad caliper clips in this video, it is something that I would typically replace when replacing disk brake pads. These Power Stop brake pads did not include the caliper brake pad clips.

Autel MaxiLink ML629 Review – OBDII Scanning – ABS Diagnostics – SRS Codes – Transmission Codes

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This video demonstrates some of the key functionality that the Autel ML 629 OBDII code scanner provides. This scanner provides the ability to scan ABS codes and identifies which wheel speed sensor is causing the issue. This Autel MaxiLink OBDII code scanner also provides information on SRS airbag systems as well as engine and transmission codes. Not only does the Autel MaxiLink ML 629 scan these crucial systems but the tool allows you to clear the codes which will shut off the associated light(s). Check Engine Light, SRS light, ABS light.

How to Replace a Windshield Wiper Transmission on Chevy Equinox Windshield Wiper Repair

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This video covers the process of replacing the windshield wiper transmission on a 2011 Chevy Equinox. The procedure covered in this video will be the same or similar on many vehicles. The windshield wiper transmission failure is a common problem that causes the windshield wipers to stop functioning on many vehicles. Subaru Outback, GMC Terrain, Chevy Equinox, Toyota Tundra and many other vehicles are effected by this windshield wiper bushing problem. In some cases, the windshield wiper bushings can be replaced. In this video, I opted to replace the entire windshield wiper transmission mechanism. It is important to not that the AC Delco transmissions also includes the windshield wiper motor.