How to Replace Ball Joints, Outer Tie Rod Ends, and Sway Bar Links On a 2014 GMC Sierra or Chevy Silverado Part 2

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This video tutorial covers the process of replacing the upper control arm with a pre-installed ball joint on a 2014 Sierra. This is the second video in a 2 part set. I also demonstrate the process of replacing the lower ball joint, the outer tie rod end, and the sway bar link on a 2014 GMC Sierra. The repair process covered in this video will be the same or similar on many other vehicles including Chevy Silverado, Yukon, Chevy Blazer, 2015 Sierra, 2016 Sierra, 2016 Silverado, 2015 Silverado, 2014 Cadilac Escalade and many others. It is not necessary to replace all of these parts when replacing the ball joints but I decided that I might as well replace the upper and lower ball joint along with the out tie rod end and sway bar link due to the fact that I needed to get a front end alignment after the repair was complete. This instructional video on how to replace ball joints, upper control arm, outer tie rod end, and sway bar links on a GMC Sierra or Chevy Silverado can be used as an instruction guide on how to replace front end steering and suspension components on other vehicles as well.

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