Gentent Stormbracer Extreme Installation and Review – How to Install a Gentent Generator Enclosure

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This video walks through the process of installing a Gentent 10k Stormbracer Extreme generator enclosure. This generator cover allows the use of a generator in poor weather and it protects vital components from the elements while allowing your generator to run safely. GenTent is the result of finding no viable, affordable products that would allow safely running a generator in rain or wet weather. The Patented, Independent Lab Tested, and Multiple Storm Proven GenTent is the only engineered product on the market today that keeps generators safe to use and protected from damage, in the rain and severe wet weather.

– Waterproofs sensitive areas in severe wet weather–even blizzard and hurricane amounts
– Withstands winds up to 70mph
– Easy to install
– Keeps the generator portable
– Maintains portable generator airflow and natural cooling
– Fits on nearly all portable generators
– Affordable and Commercial Grade

GenTent has been carefully engineered to be a relatively small percentage of your overall portable generator investment. GenTent keeps your portable generator portable and ensures that it can run safely in nearly any wet weather. All of the potential alternatives are more expensive and won’t perform as expected. Isn’t it better the spend less time and money solving this safety issue with a product purpose-built for a portable generator that must be ready to run safely on a moment’s notice? We think so.

Additional Info. on the Gentent Stormbracer Extreme –

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