Biasi B10 (B3-B9) Series Boiler Manual And Installation Instructions for Atmospheric Venting PDF Download

The QHT BIASI B10 Series Boiler is a cast iron, oil or gas-fired hot water boiler, using the
famous BIASI B10 (3-pass) design. The boiler is light, compact, simple, rugged and engineered
for maximum home heating efficiency.

The controls and accessories listed in this manual are intended to serve as guidelines rather than specific recommendations. We realize that other makes and models of such devices are available and can be used as successfully as those we specify. The installing contractor is the best judge of a system’s specific requirements, as well as the local availability of certain makes and models of controls and accessories. The preceding does not apply, however, to the equipment that comes with every boiler, such as the overheat control (L4006A or 7248U) and pressure relief valve.

Download the Biasi B10 (B3-B9) Series Boiler Manual And Installation Instructions PDF file using the link posted below.
The Biasi B10 boiler manual outlines basic instructions on how to install the boiler for atmospheric venting of oil and gas. The PDF manual also provides instructions on cleaning a Biasi B-10 Series boiler, including B3 – B9 Biasi Boilers. The PDF operation manual provides detailed instructions on how to properly install a Baiasi B10 Series oil or gas-fired boiler. Often times, these Biasi Boilers will be matched with w Riello burner. The Biasi 3-pass cast iron boiler is easy to clean and runs efficiently when properly maintained. The PDF owners manual will help ensure that a Biasi boiler is properly installed and maintained. The PDF file containing the Biasi B10 Series Installation Instruction and Operation manual can be downloaded below.

How to Clean a Biasi B10 Series 3-Pass Cast Iron Boiler



Use the arrows above to navigate the various pages of the Biasi B10 (B3-B9) Series Boiler Installation Instruction Operation Manual.

Instructions for how to clean a Biasi B-10 Series boiler have been outlined below.

The Biasi boiler system should be serviced once a year.
1. Inspect the boiler and make sure it is operating normally, i.e. temperature and pressure.
2. Inspect the Pressure Relief Valve and manually set it off three times to ensure it is operating normally and not leaking.
3. If a Low Water Cut-Off is installed follow the manufactures suggested maintenance and test procedures.
4. Adjust room thermostat so there is a call for heat and test boiler high limit for proper operation.
5. Turn boiler safety switch off.
6. Open the lower swing door and remove the upper cleanout plate.
7. Brush upper passages first and then clean the combustion chamber of any debris with brush and vacuum.
8. Remove smoke pipe and clean out debris from cleaning or soot build-up.
9. Inspect smoke pipe for any corrosion before reinstalling. Replace if necessary.
10. Consult the burner manufacturers manual for the annual maintenance of the burner.
11. Remove all combustible materials from around the boiler and ensure the area is free of debris so the burner has an adequate intake air supply.

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