Charlie Sheen’s Korner Ep 3 Video: Torpedoes of Truth Part 2 “Crazy Hair Charlie”

We’re all trolls folks! Yes that’s right, if we’re not in Charlie’s Korner we’re with the trolls. I wonder if the trolls have self respect? I wonder if the trolls act like obnoxious idiots in front of the world and appear to be more than happy to do so. I wonder if trolls have abused their bodies and minds to the point of some sort of delusional haze. Charlie is in the middle of “an odyssey or epic proportions”. So….. making a spectacle of yourself and acting like a total ass is how we achieve this “odyssey or epic proportions”… good to know I guess.

So there you have it, episode 3 of Sheen’s Korner. So let me ask to, is the guy you want in your Korner? Maybe if you’re lucky he’ll let you take out his trash. You’ll be lucky to do so you loyal fan you!

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