Charlie Sheen’s Korner Episode 2 Video: Torpedoes of Truth Rant Video

How about that Charlie Sheen? You just never know what’s going to come out of his mouth, especially lately. We’ve decided to post the recent Charlie Sheen videos as we consider his rants to be an aspect of the lighter side of life. While we recognize that he is probably a very sick man with some obvious issues, we find it funny that he has such a condescending way about the “trolls’, them, people, fans….. the same people who have made Charlie Sheen obscenely rich. Charlie Sheen’s obnoxious rants are what he wants people to remember him for, so here you have it. Episode 2 of Sheen’s Korner “Torpedoes of Truth”. Grab some popcorn and an un-named beverage of your choice (unless they’re paying you) and watch one of Charlie Sheen’s legacy moments.

So there you have it, the real Charlie Sheen. As he said, there is only one side to Charlie Sheen and the actor everyone watchs one Two and a Half men is just that, an actor.

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